Intermediate Grades 3-5

Our 3rd and 4th grade choir sounded like angels as they performed at the Delaware County Courthouse in Media.

Religion is the binding force at St. Aloysius Academy; it is our faith that brings us together. In the intermediate grades, the students are immersed in the Church year through the celebration of liturgical seasons, feasts of Mary and the saints, and monthly participation in the liturgy. Instruction in the Sacraments, Beatitudes, the Old Testament, and the life of Christ challenges students to put their faith into action.  Service learning continues to be a cornerstone of the Religion program. 3rd graders receive First Holy Communion in the fall of the year.

English Language Arts
The integrated language arts program enables our students to grow in the areas of reading, language, writing, speaking and listening across the curriculum. This integrated program includes the development of vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, spelling, and penmanship skills through the use of quality children's literature, creative writing assignments and oral presentations. All students have the opportunity to expand their reading skills through participation in Accelerated ReaderTM. 4th through 6th graders compete in an annual spelling competition.

Students in the middle grades build upon prior knowledge in order to attain higher levels of mathematical thinking. They are introduced to the sets of rational numbers and integers. This is made possible through the use of manipulatives, practice, problem solving, use of calculators, computers and competitions. At this level, mathematically talented grade 5 students are enrolled in an advanced placement setting according to an established criteria. An online mathematics program challenges students to think critically and strengthen skills.

Intermediate students are exposed to earth, life and physical sciences as well as technology and the study of Space. Each year builds a foundation for further and more complex material.  Hands-on learning and the opportunity to explore concepts are facilitated through project-based learning.

Social Studies
Third graders discuss their immediate world with a focus on urban, suburban and rural life. Students in fourth grade learn of the people and places in their world beginning with their home in Pennsylvania. Knowledge is then expanded with an in-depth study of the regions of the United States, Mexico, Canada and Central and South America in fifth grade.

World Language
Third, fourth and fifth grade students expand their knowledge of Spanish and take a deeper look into Spanish traditions. Fifth graders study many of the Hispanic countries. Third, fourth and fifth graders are also immersed into Chinese culture with continued exposure to Mandarin Chinese.
Technology Literacy and Library Science
 Library science works hand-in-hand with technology literacy class to provide students with research and communication skills. These two disciplines also work closely with classroom teachers enhancing content and outcomes. The Academy's state-of-the-art library uses the Destiny system to access materials on hand and aid our students in researching topics. Fourth graders begin the work of mastering the keyboard.
In grades three to five, students continue to explore the fundamentals of music and gain appreciation. Emphasis is placed on basic music literacy skills such as note values with the goal of reading and notating music. Students in Grades 3 and 4 participate in Choir. Voluntary piano lessons are offered and membership in our Junior Band is available to 3rd and 4th graders; and Senior Band for 5th graders, as well as Jazz Band and Percussion Ensemble. 

As the student continues to the intermediate level in art, his motor skills are considerably well developed. Hence, the introduction of more challenging lessons occur with enthusiasm and confidence. Care of the environment is encouraged, as well as the proper care of materials and tools. Exposure to artists and their styles enhances the program.

Physical Education 
On a weekly basis, the students have the opportunity to participate in the physical education program that enables each student to become a well-rounded individual. 3rd graders continue in their study of the disciplines of karate.

"Just a quick note to thank you all for a truly wonderful First Communion day. We were so impressed by how well the boys were prepared and coordinated. It was truly a special moment for the families and for the boys who got to receive Holy Communion with their classmates." Antonella and Alex Aloi, parents of Luca, Class of 2021


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