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Our Music Program is known throughout the Archdiocese. Our bands have a Christmas and Spring Concert for our families. We sponsor a Jazz Festival in March and compete with other area schools.

St. Aloysius Academy considers the arts vital to the education of the whole child; thus, music has always been a key component of the curriculum at the Academy. St. Aloysius Academy is known throughout the Archdiocese for its extensive and award winning Music Program. Within this special setting, students develop fellowship, discipline, and a cooperative spirit. Involvement in liturgy, general music classes, band and choir enables each boy to appreciate his own God-given talent, as well as the talents of others. St. Aloysius Academy offers the following musical opportunities:

Classroom Music - All homerooms attend a weekly music class in the Music Center. Topics explored in the class include music literacy, American and world music and other music fundamentals. Creativity is encouraged and supported through singing, playing, moving and composing.

Instrumental and Band Program

Piano Lessons - All students are encouraged to study basic piano skills. 1st grade student may begin private piano lessons in October with the consent of the classroom teacher and parent. 1st grade lessons are offered in pairs to build confidence. Private weekly lessons begin in 2nd grade. Students perform in two piano recitals each year. It is strongly recommended that students have a piano or keyboard at home to practice.

Cadet Band - When a student enters 2nd grade, he may join the Cadet Band. During the first half of the school year, the student selects an instrument and gains proficiency through weekly lessons and Cadet Band rehearsals. The goal of the Cadet Band is to provide a positive learning environment where students can learn the basics of their new instruments within a group of other beginners. Members of the Cadet Band rehearse together on Tuesday afternoons. A student can advance to Junior Band after Christmas if he has demonstrated proficiency.

Junior Band - Once a student reaches a certain level of proficiency, he may move to the Junior Band. Junior Band members are given lessons on a rotating schedule every Wednesday and rehearse together on Wednesday afternoon. The Junior Band performs in the Christmas Concert and the Spring Band concert. At the completion of the school year, 4th grade students are promoted to the Senior band.

Senior Band -- When a student reaches 5th grade and a specific level of competency on his instrument, he is admitted to the Senior Band. Lessons are given on a rotating schedule every Thursday which is also the day they rehearse together. The Senior Band performs at school functions, and on invitation, at outside events. The Senior Band has performed at the Kimmel Center, Baltimore's Inner Harbor and on the plaza of the Lincoln Center in New York City. The Senior Band has even competed at the high school level and done exceedingly well. Individual members accompany First Friday liturgies.

Jazz Band - Students enrolled in the Senior Band are eligible to audition to be in this select group. Jazz Band rehearses every Tuesday and Wednesday before school. The Jazz Band performs at important school functions and in local jazz competitions.

Marching Band - Members of the Senior Band march in the annual Philadelphia St. Patrick's Day Parade and the annual Veterans Day Parade in Media. The are frequent winners of the Dan Ryan Trophy awarded to the best elementary band in the St. Patrick's Parade,

Percussion Ensemble - This ensemble is comprised of students who desire to play percussion instruments in a group setting. Members of the Ensemble are members of the Senior Band, but the study of percussion instruments as the primary instrument is not necessary. The Percussion Ensemble is featured during concerts and performs at percussion competitions. They have performed at Citizens Bank Park. A dedicated percussion instructor rehearses with the students on Thursdays before school.

String EnsembleOur String Ensemble is featured at monthly Mass. We have violin and cello players.

Archdiocesan Bands - Band members in grades 4-8 have the opportunity to audition for these select groups. Students who are chosen have the opportunity to work and perform with other talented music students from all over the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Auditions and the practices for those very accomplished bands are held at Archdiocesan high schools.

Elementary Choir Program - Students in 3rd and 4th grades participate in the choir and rehearse once per week during the school day. Performances include liturgies, Channel 6 TV Mass, the Christmas Program and the Spring Show.

Middle School Choir - Students in 5th through 8th grades have the opportunity to participate in the Middle School Chorus. This ensemble rehearses every Monday before school. Performances include liturgies, Christmas Reflection and the Spring Show. The Chorus also performs at outside events such as singing at the Rotunda at the Pennsylvania Capital Building.

Archdiocesan Choirs - Choral students at the Elementary and Middle School levels have the opportunity to perform in this select group. Students who are chosen for these groups sing with other talented choral students from all over the Archdiocese.

Performing Arts Camp - A two-week-long summer camp that focuses on instrumental play, drama, art and voice.

There is a Musician-Scholar Scholarship available to new students in grades 4, 5 and 6. Details are found below.
"Every aspect of a child's development is nurtured in this school. My sons are learning in such a well-balanced environment: art, language, gym, karate and music. You will not find a better music program at the grammar school level. What is really unique is that so many of the boys are involved in the music program, making it the 'norm'."
Kristin Sims, mother of Peter, Class of 2017,  Kieran, Class of 2018 and Ryan, Class of 2021

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