Why All Boys?


Our boys are free to be who they want to be and to be their personal best.

A hallmark of boys' single gender education is relational learning. This speaks to the important relationship between teacher and learner that maximizes a learner's personal growth as well as his academic achievement.  At St. Aloysius Academy our approach to working with boys is one of nurturing. The art of teaching with a nurturing stance goes beyond instruction to a more intentional practice of helping a boy to grow and to develop as a person. It is about accepting a boy where he is and engaging him to thrive and reach to his personal best.

The all-boys environment provides a learning space that is free from the constraints of gender stereotypes that often influence a co-ed setting. There is greater opportunity to try and to thrive and to excel in many diverse areas of curriculum. It is a place where boys are encouraged to be themselves!

"From the classes, to the teachers, to the coaches, to the front office, to the parents, we have been so grateful for the opportunity to have our boys enriched each and every day due to the incredible commitment and love at St Al's. We couldn't have dreamed of a better place for our kids to spend their young days!!!" Andy McCool, parent of Max, Class of 2014, and Rayce, Class of 2017


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