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Wildcat Weekly – June 3, 2018

Good evening, parents! Please know my heart is filled with gratitude for the many blessings I have received during my 9 years as principal at St. Aloysius Academy. This past Friday’s acknowledgement overwhelmed me – the gatherings, the many good wishes, the generosity! Thank you!

We are blessed with a great school spirit that resides in each person who joins in and creates the unique Wildcat community we enjoy! That’s how each of us contributes to the St. Aloysius Academy legacy!

We congratulate our Class of 2018 and remember each student in prayer as they move on this week to high school!

Coming up this week:

  • Monday, June 4th – Join us for our annual 2PM Music Convocation where we recognize our talented students involved in our Music Program!
  • Tuesday, June 5th – Our Montessori Clockhouse students will gather for 9:30 AM Mass @ the Mansion followed by a Celebration at the Clockhouse! We celebrate our Clockhouse boys and girls!
  • In the afternoon, join us for our annual 1:30 PM Athletic Convocation where we recognize the athletic achievements of our students!
  • On Wednesday, June 6th – ONLY students in Grades 5-7 attend classes; no school for K-4!
  • On Thursday, June 7th – ONLY students in Grades 1-4 attend classes; no school for 5-8!
    • At 9:30 AM our Kindergarten will participate in their end-of-year Celebration in KDH!
    • At 5:30 PM our Class of 2018 will participate in their Graduation Mass & Ceremony in KDH!
  • Friday, June 8th will be our LAST DAY for Grades 1 to 7; at 10:30 AM we will gather in KDH for our Summer Blessings Prayer Service & Achievement Assembly; dismissal is at 11:30 AM! All are welcomed!
  • 2018 St. Aloysius Academy YEARBOOK is here! The Class of 2018 has composed a fantastic book that celebrates every student! If you did not order one yet, go to Yearbook Order Form 2018
  • Tomorrow! Calling all preschoolers and younger! Monday, June 4th  is another scheduled FREE 10 AM Makin’ Music session @ St. AA in KDH ! All are welcomed! Register here.
  • A reminder about our St. Aloysius Academy Uniform Policy and the Order Form for Uniform Items sold in our school store. We offer a 10% discount for orders placed by June 30th!

This coming Friday, we will celebrate the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a heart that has a place for each of us… a heart that reflects God’s Boundless Love!

With gratitude and love,


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