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Wildcat Weekly October 14, 2018

Dear Parents,

      A very special thank you to the Homecoming Committee, our volunteers, and all who attended our fun filled activities. We began on Friday with our Grandparents Day. What a pleasure it was to meet the grandparents who traveled  to Saint Aloysius to celebrate with their grandsons. We had a gathering in the gym and then the grandparents visited the school store, enjoyed refreshments in KDH, worked on crafts in the classrooms, and of course, spent extra time with their grandson(s). There were plenty of smiles all around our campus.

       On Friday afternoon we had a spirited pep rally in preparation for our Homecoming games and festivities. I invited Sister Kate Touey , principal of St. Pius X, to attend our pep rally so we could engage in a friendly wager concerning our varsity football game. Since our boys won the game, Sister Kate will wear a St. Aloysius Academy jersey to school at St. Pius X.   Great job, St. AA!!!

      Mother Nature tried to dampen our Homecoming but we were able to enjoy the company of our community in spite of the weather. All of the teams demonstrated great spirit and the boys had fun. It was quite an exciting day with many happenings for all those who were present. Again, I am very grateful to you for your support and great effort.

      Hopefully, on Monday, we will conclude our Homecoming weekend with our golf outing. Best of luck to all who will be participating.

   Below you will find some reminders to help you plan for the days ahead.

Have a great week!

You and your family are remembered in my prayers.

God bless,

 Sister Margaret

Dress Down Day

The boys can wear regular clothes on Thursday, October 18th. This is a reward for reaching our goal for the golf ball drop. Special thanks to all the grandparents who put us over the top. The boys may ask me if they have questions concerning their attire.

Winter Uniforms

On Monday, October 22, the boys will begin wearing their winter uniforms – white collared shirt, tie, blazer, grey slacks and black belt.

School Picture Day
School pictures will take place on Wednesday, October 24. This week the picture forms will be sent home.


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