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Reaccreditation Granted March 20, 2019

Dear Parents,

I want to thank you for your support throughout our re-accreditation process. Yesterday afternoon Mr. Bidleman, Chairperson of the Visiting Team, stated the team will recommend to the Middle States Commission that Saint Aloysius Academy be re-accredited for seven years. There are recommendation and commendation that he shared as part of the oral report. Within a month we should receive a written copy of the visiting team’s report. I will share that information with you once I receive it.

Below you will find some of the comments Mr. Bidleman made in his oral report.

  • “From the moment we entered the school, we  quickly knew this is a special place. It is a relatively small school, but it is one that is vibrant with activity, with faith, with the promise only the best schools can offer.”
  • “It is highly unusual in this day and age to see a choir of primary school boys sing with the joy of yours or young men tout the benefits of brotherhood and devotion.”
  • “Cooperation and collaboration are more than words at St. Aloysius.”
  • “By attending this school, I have discovered so much about Jesus, about helping other,” one young man said.
  • “Your goal to develop a school-wide STREAM curriculum and its accompanying assessments is an ambitious goal. The Team commends the school for taking this dynamic and inclusion to your academic program.”
  • “We are in awe of the level of student, staff, and family participation in the life of this school.”
  • “We are impressed by the degree to which your students assume leadership role and model the Magis creed.”                                                                                                                                                                                      I am grateful to our Internal Coordinators, Mr. Jeffries, Mrs. McCormick, and Miss Farrell for the leadership they demonstrated throughout our Self Study process. It was a job well done, but now is the time for the implementation of our goals and objectives. How exciting!   Finally, know how grateful I am to all of you, our parents and boys. Our re-accreditation is a community effort. We all want to make sure Saint Aloysius is the best it can be. As you know, there are  many exciting curriculum additions and  elective endeavors for our boys in the near future. This is a great time to be a student at Saint Aloysius. We are looking forward to challenging ourselves to be the best and build upon the wonderful foundation that is Saint Aloysius. Let us continue to pray for one another. God bless,
  • Sister Margaret
  •     A special thank you to our  faculty and staff who worked tirelessly during the entire process. For their devotion and energy, I am grateful and give thanks to them.
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