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Health Fair on October 9

Dear Parents,

Below you will find information concerning our Health Day on Wednesday, October 9.  Our committee has been meeting for a number of months preparing for this exciting endeavor. We hope to have many volunteers assisting us throughout the day.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

God bless,

Sister Margaret

Health Day  Wednesday, October 9th

St. Aloysius Academy is having a Health Day on Wednesday, October 9th from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.  It will be a day for  the students to focus on their health through healthy options and exercise.

We are having seven interactive stations that will educate the students on nutritional values and open their minds to healthier alternatives for snacks and drinks.  There will be three stations that will cover relaxing meditation/ simple yoga, Karate and JuJitsu movements.  Also a station with physical activities and an obstacle course (weather permitting).  Volunteers will be assigned to a station to either assist the instructor, to guide the students with instruction, and to be at the Nutrition Awareness Stations.  The Nutrition Awareness Stations will have the objective/activity/survey questions at each station. Please mark this on your calendar.  Volunteers are needed to make this a special day for the students.  Please sign up on the link below to volunteer.  Thank you in advance for volunteering to help us on this day.


Sign up genius link

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