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Calendar and Reopening Plan

Dear Parents,

I hope you and your family are well and keeping healthy as you enjoy the days of summer. During the past week, I had the opportunity for some retreat time.  All of your intentions were very much a part of my prayers. The past few months have been difficult for so many and we continue to offer the prayerful support of our community. We remain United in Prayer and that will be a continuous source of strength. Below, please find provisional reopening information and updates. Be assured of my continued prayer for your family.
God bless,
Sister Margaret

  • Below please find the updated calendar with new dates for the Fashion Show and GALA.
  • Our SAA Task Force is working on the Initial Phase for our School Re-Opening Plan. Information from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Chester County Health Department, and The American Academy of Pediatrics are all sources of reference. We have also been in contact with members of the medical field and non-public schools in our area. The plan will be adjusted as opening day approaches in order to keep pace with the latest information and protocols. Currently, the plan focuses on the following nine topics. Please be assured that each topic will have the necessary philosophy, process, checklist, and considerations. This is only a brief outline of a few of the topics we are addressing. I will be sending a more comprehensive plan as the task force continues to develop and enhance the reopening plan.
  1. Catholic Identity: Stress the importance of our monthly mass and a safe platform to make it available to our community.
  2. Entering the building: Focus on a stress free and efficient protocol that keeps the children safe.  Purchase of sanitizers, cleaning and disinfectant supplies, masks,  face shields and other necessary materials.  Communication with the families is essential. Children must stay home if sick or symptoms are present – numerous No Touch Thermometers on site.
  3. Daily Monitoring: Follow the Health Department’s directives if a staff member or student has a suspected case or is demonstrating symptoms.
  4. Travel within the building: Strategic use of masks, social distancing, and maintaining cohorts (traveling as a group).
    • Ensure enough time for students to travel to classes, recess, and lavatory while following the protocols.
    • Adjust schedule so several cohorts are not in the hallway simultaneously. Cleaning of Added Value classrooms in between sessions
  1. Classroom set-up: Safe classroom environment is essential. The size of our classrooms and the number of boys in each class lends itself to social distancing.
  2. Virtual Learning: Identify means to assist those who may be quarantined or unable to attend school.
  3. Lunch: Under consideration — lunch in the classrooms or a few lunches in KDH with tables spread out and fewer boys at each table. (Next week, I have a meeting with a representative from Aramark.)
  4. Recess:Apply safe physical contact and social distancing while enjoying outside activities.
  5. After School Sports: Awaiting information from the archdiocese and league.
  6. 2020-2021-SAA-School-Calendar005
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