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Principal’s Update 1/28

Dear Parents and Faculty,

Happy Catholic Schools Week.  I have enclosed an agenda of activities for the students. There will also be individual classroom activities to celebrate Catholic Schools Week.

I am grateful to you for choosing Saint Aloysius Academy for your child.  We are in the process of registering new students. Help us spread the good news about our Academy! Our parents are our greatest ambassadors! 

May we continue to support one another in prayer.

God bless,

Sister Margaret


  • Thank you to our families and faculty who attended our Charism Mass at Villa Maria. The choir was angelic, the Leadership Council did a beautiful job in the procession and proclaiming the reading and intercessions, and I am grateful to our faculty members who participated in the Offertory. Today was an occasion to celebrate our Academies and give praise for the many blessings we have received throughout the years. Wildcat Proud!


  • I am pleased to announce that the following students have received a ribbon at our Saint Aloysius Academy Science Fair.


Honorable Mention 

Physics: Christopher Dixel – The Immaculate Throw

Botany-Luke Bellopede – Fertile Fraud

Behavioral Science- Stavros Kalisperis – The Brain Game

ChemistryHenry Cervini – Melting Point


 First Place Winners – These boys will compete in the Delaware County Science and Engineering Fair. Congratulations!

Physics: Ryder Sterba– Fly Fly Away: How does the throwing motion and design of a paper airplane impact the distance it flies.

Botany: Jason Jeffries– Let it Grow: What effect would different sports drinks have on plant growth?

Environmental Science: Zane Prasad – To Shine or Not To Shine-When do solar panels work best to absorb sun radiation?

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