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GALA Update

Dear Parents and Faculty,

Thank you for your support for our Saint Aloysius Gala—Casino Royale!  I want to thank in a special way our Gala Committee, Mrs. Melissa DiFrancesco, Mrs. Rosabelle Eastwood, Mrs. Elena Gilbert, and Mrs. Valerie Vincke who worked tirelessly for weeks and months preparing for our GALA.  I am very grateful to our Parent Association Board who worked alongside the Gala Committee each step of this journey. The event was a huge success and I believe all who attended the Gala enjoyed the ambience of the evening.  The food, Hors D’oeuvres and dinner stations were delicious and plentiful. The desserts were the perfect way to finish the dining experience.

All the Gala auction items were displayed in an attractive and inviting style. The theme Casino Royale lived up to its name. Everyone seemed to enjoy the friendly and competitive table games.   Bob Kelly, our Emcee, was entertaining and found creative means to encourage friendly competitive bidding. The effort of the committee and your generous support paid dividends for our Academy. I am grateful to our families and faculty who attended the Gala at the Llanerch County Club as well as our families and friends who bid online. The monies raised will assist with the purchase of smartboards, chrome books, white boards, 3D printers among other necessary items for our students.   What a great time to be a special part of our Saint Aloysius Academy! Spread the word!

There are Silent Auction items in school for pick-up. Please check to make sure a payment was made and visit school between 7:00AM-4:00PM for pick-up. Contact me if the times listed are not convenient for you. We still have a few items for bid. Please visit SAA GALA 2024  to see what is still available.

Below is the video that was played at the Gala. Enjoy

Thank you for your support of our raffle. The boys were very excited to see who won the  towers. Each student looked at the tower and dreamed of bringing it home with them.

Congratulations to the following students and families.

1st  place  Richie     Class of 2032
2nd place. Robert     Class of 2030
3rd place  Max         Class of 2031

Griffin, Class of 2029 was the winner of the random drawing and received the fourth tower.

First grade had the greatest percentage of tickets sold. The boys and Mrs. McCormick will enjoy a pizza party, dress down day, and homework pass.

Congratulations to our raffle winners:

1st prize $1000    Mrs. Marie Paolucci     Grandmother of Joseph, Class of 2029

2nd prize  $250     Mrs. Angela Milani       Parent of Michael, Class of 2030 and Vincent,  Class of 2028

Thank you for your generous support.

God bless,

Sister Margaret


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