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St. Aloysius Academy provides an engaging and challenging learning environment for boys that recognizes their needs and develops their gifts and talents. Within a faith-based setting, relational learning permeates our caring and formative atmosphere where each student can grow to be the best version of himself.

Developing lifelong learners

A curriculum that is framed with the 21st century skills of compassion, creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking, provides the basis for fostering lifelong learners who will lead and serve in their local and global societies. Recognizing the gifts and talents of each student, our dedicated and proficient faculty facilitates the cultivation of a lifelong love for learning. Whether art or sports, math or writing, music or science, each of our students has opportunities to excel.

Fostering a growth mindset

Foundational learning is enhanced by the fostering of a growth mindset. Students are exposed to the skills and knowledge they will need to participate in their local community and global society. St. Aloysius Academy’s curriculum celebrates the whole child by offering world languages, technology and information literacy, music, art and physical education.

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