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St. Aloysius Academy is a private, Catholic, all-boy academy that engages students spiritually, academically and socially. The Academy promotes self-awareness and self-reflection, building a strong foundation for a successful future in school, and in life. We understand that choosing a school for your son is an important decision and we’re here to help make that decision as easy as possible.

Before you apply, we invite you to experience St. Aloysius Academy. Explore our website, visit our campus or contact us to learn more about our vibrant environment that promotes the personal development and academic success of each student. At St. Aloysius Academy a strong legacy unites with a dynamic 21st Century learning culture to offer limitless opportunity to cultivate students’ personal best.

Admission to St. Aloysius Academy is based on a candidate’s personal development profile and previous academic achievement based on grade level, standardized testing scores, recent math and writing assessments, teacher recommendation and insights derived from parents’ and candidate’s visits.

Below is a brief overview of what makes St. Aloysius Academy a unique and special place for your child.

Trusting Relationships

Teachers at St. Aloysius Academy establish positive, trusting relationships with each individual boy and understand that these relationships lay a strong foundation for a student’s engagement and achievement. Small class sizes, personalized attention and interaction between grades allows each student to grow into their best self.

The Academy shines academically. Our faculty infuses the curriculum with active learning opportunities like collaboration, role playing, games, open inquiry and drama. These are best practices in the education of boys.

State of the Art Technology

St. Aloysius Academy uses the latest technology to help students learn in an increasingly digital world. Classrooms are equipped with smart boards, computers, iPads, laptops, and ChromeBooks. Facilities include a multi-media center housing two technology labs, a dynamic library and a science lab.

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are designed to enhance learning at St. Aloysius Academy. Our music program is revered throughout the Philadelphia area. The well-rounded athletics program includes soccer, football, cross country, basketball, track, tennis, lacrosse and baseball. After school clubs offer a wide range of new learning experiences – from chess to rockets to pottery.

Extracurricular activities create a sense of community and pride among St. Aloysius students and families. They teach team work, leadership, creativity and skills that will last a lifetime.

Leadership Opportunities

Boys at St. Aloysius Academy have many opportunities to put their leadership skills into action. Older boys act as big brothers and mentors, Leadership Council members lead morning prayers and eighth graders receive special privileges as seniors. The relationships formed along the way not only teach leadership, but they build camaraderie and lead to lifelong friendships.


St. Aloysius Academy’s guiding philosophy is based on the spirit of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary – love, creative hope and fidelity. We utilize the PAWS program – Peace, Awareness, Witness, and Service. Sister Stephen Anne shares, “We embrace the idea that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. It’s the whole concept of community where you can make a difference.”

We hope to welcome your family soon!

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