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A hallmark of boys’ single gender education is relational learning. This is the important relationship between teacher and learner that maximizes a learner’s personal growth, as well as his academic achievement.  At St. Aloysius Academy, our approach to working with boys is one of nurturing. The art of teaching with a nurturing stance goes beyond instruction to a more intentional practice of helping a boy to grow and develop as a person. It is about accepting a boy where he is and engaging him to thrive and reach his personal best. This includes fostering the concept of a growth mindset in students, a mindset that fosters a “not yet” cognitive disposition when it comes to acquiring skills and learning concepts.

The all-boys environment provides a learning space that is free from the constraints of gender stereotypes that often influence a co-ed setting. There is greater opportunity to thrive and excel in many diverse areas of curriculum. It is a place where boys are encouraged to be themselves!

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