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Welcome, St. Aloysius Academy graduates and friends! All graduates of St. Aloysius Academy become lifelong members of our Alumni Association.  You are now an important part of our legacy and we hope that you stay involved with St. Aloysius Academy long after you leave.

Wildcat Chat

We encourage all alumni to stay connected to St. Aloysius Academy. It is important to us that you know what’s happening and become an active participant in our many alumni events. Follow us on social media, sign up for our newsletter and send us your updates!

  • Please send us any updates so we can stay in touch!

The Wootton

The alumni newsletter, The Wootton, shares the latest information about St. Aloysius Academy and the latest updates from alumni.

You can download past issues below.

The Wootton 2023 Fall
The Wootton 2023 Spring
The Wootton, 2022 Fall
The Wootton, 2022 Spring
The Wootton, 2021 Spring/Summer

St. Aloysius Academy alumni go to many prestigious high schools, universities, masters and PhD programs. The skills they learn at St. Aloysius Academy are used throughout their lives to help them achieve and lead, wherever they go.

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