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Our Middle School begins in grades 6 and is denoted by a change in your school tie among our students. Among the other changes in our middle school that students can expect is among their class schedules and their elective class choices. Our faculty is compartmentalized throughout grades 6-8 and students will be changing rooms just about every period of the day. We introduce Latin for all students beginning in grade 6 and elective classes are held once a week. Elective choices range from cooking, to the stock market, to fantasy football, and broadcasting the Wildcat News. These choices change each trimester and we are always adding to our repertoire! 

Outside of the classroom, you will find our students involved in activities of all sorts: CYO sports are available at both the JV (5th-6th grade) and Varsity (7th-8th) levels. There are group field trips such as our annual ski trip for grades 6-8, and our religious traditions are handled by our students as well. We present the Stations of the Cross, the Lenten Symbols and the Christmas Reflection. 

Below are some of the other items we offer throughout our middle school:

  • Academic, Athletic, and Arts Recognition Assemblies
  • Advanced/Accelerated Classes in Math and English
  • Broadcasting Club
  • HSTP Prep
  • Leadership Council
  • Little Brother Activities
  • Mentoring Initiative
  • Modern Band Music Program
  • Robotics Competition Team

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