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Position Name Phone Number
Principal Sister Margaret Fagan IHM ext. 310
Assistant Principal Mr. Chris Jeffries
Textbook and Safe Environment Coordinator Sister Margaret Fagan IHM ext. 310
Administrative Assistant Sister Margaret John Stichter IHM ext. 304
Montessori Director Sister Marie Amedeo DeLuca IHM (610) 527-6142
Director of Spiritual Activities Sister Mary Anne Sweeney IHM ext. 312
Director of Enrollment Management and Marketing Mr. Michael Paolucci ext. 318
Director of Mission Advancement and Alumni Relations Sister Anne Veronica Burrows IHM ext. 313
Finance Director Mrs. Myriam Lacouline ext. 303
Secretary Mrs. Florence Ferrante ext. 301
Athletic Director/Physical Education Teacher Mr. Christopher Cooney ext. 306

Homeroom Teachers

Position Name Phone Number
Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. Kathryn Lawley
Kindergarten Aide Mrs. Deborah Labor
Grade 1B Teacher Mrs. Kathleen McCormick
Grade 2A Teacher Mrs. Angela Quinn
Grade 3A Teacher Mrs. Carole McManus
Grade 4A Teacher Mrs. Nicole Wagenborg
Grade 5B Teacher Mrs. Christina Papa
Grade 6A Teacher Mrs. Jacquelyn O’Connell
Grade 6B Teacher Mr. Timothy Wiseley
Grade 7A Teacher Mr. John Hoffman
Grade 7B Teacher Mr. Chris Jeffries
Grade 8A Teacher Ms. Tricia Goode
Grade 8B Teacher Ms. Ellen Taylor

Added Value Curriculum Teachers & Staff

Position Name Phone Number
Montessori Teacher Mrs. Mary Beth Timby
Learning Coach Sister Margaret Ann Friel IHM
Learning Coach Sister Pamela Bressi IHM


Position Name Phone Number
Grade 6-8 Science Teacher Mrs. Kelly DiFilippo
K-5 Science Teacher


Ms. Elizabeth Gailey

Sister Sarah Ellen McGuire IHM


Position Name Phone Number
Grade 6-8 Latin Teacher Mrs. Phyllis Doherty
K-5 Spanish Teacher Mrs. Marcela Uribe


Position Name Phone Number
Librarian Mrs. Alexandra Conradi  ext. 307


Position Name Phone Number
Technology Teacher & IT Director Ms. Christelle Patselas ext. 308


Position Name Phone Number
Art Teacher


Position Name Phone Number
Speech Specialist Mrs. Erin Kleinschmidt, DCIU
Literacy Coach Ms. Mary Snyder


Position Name Phone Number
Karate Teacher Mr. Sam Wallace


Position Name Phone Number
Music Education Teacher Mr. Michael Maresca ext. 315
Band Director Mr. Michael Norton ext. 315
Chorus, Piano, & Strings Teacher Mrs. Cecilia Beatty ext. 315
Percussion Ensemble Teacher Mr. Patrick O’Shea ext. 315


Cafeteria Services: Provided by Culinart

School Nurse

Position Name Phone Number
Nurse Mrs. Mary FitzHenry RN ext. 309


Position Name Phone Number
Maintenance Mr. Jim Shirk ext. 316
Mr. Andrew Strickland


Position Name Phone Number
Psychologist Tricia Scott, DCIU
Absentee Calls ext. 305
Extended Day (610) 517-6643
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