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From time to time, St. Aloysius Academy will post online parenting resources that we have found beneficial. If you have a site that you recommend, please share it with our Marketing Director, Linda Hanson, at

At Home with Our Faith newsletter

At Home with Our Faith is a newsletter for parents published 9 times a year. It is a free resource for parents wishing to expand and foster our Catholic faith in their family. Visit the site to sign up to receive the newsletter.

Puffin Web Browser

Puffin Web Browser is the fastest web browser for the iPad and Android that allows you to play Flash. It successfully played the 7th and 8th grade social studies text which is wonderful if you have a child who is an auditory learner. The portability of a tablet allows him to move around which for some children is also a plus. It is free and can be downloaded here.

IHM Formative Support Services site

This is a very special IHM Formative Support Services site that helps both parents and teachers provide for character formation of their children.

Finding God E-Newsletter

This Loyola Press site, Finding God e-newsletter, is for parents and all adults looking to enrich their faith life.

Study Skills

This author has a brand new idea for starting off your child’s day right – exercise!

Federal Government Parenting Topics

Explore many parenting topics at this site sponsored by the federal government.

Catholic Mom

This parenting site is faith based.

The Learning Community

This site is excellent and covers a large range of topics.

All for the Boys

This site shares resources for boys’ book suggestions and crafts.

Internet Safety is so very important for all our students and adults, for that matter. Open the Internet Safety Resources pdf below.

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