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Our school uniform is a source of school pride; it is part of our St. Aloysius Academy legacy. The personal appearance of students, including the correct wearing of the school uniform as described, should contribute to their self-confidence and self-esteem and not – through lack of adherence – distract from learning. Therefore, students are expected to be neat, well-groomed, and in complete uniform at all times. Current fads in hair style, clothing, jewelry or shoes are not acceptable.

The following is the uniform requirement at the Academy:

  • Official navy blazer with school emblem (sewn on blazer) – school seal
  • Regulation dark gray dress pants with black, navy blue, or dark brown dress belt (no designs or elaborate buckle)
  • White dress shirt (no decoration); short or long-sleeved
  • Navy tie (K-5); red and navy tie (6-8) **
  • Navy blue or black dress socks
  •  Black, brown or beige, or black buck shoes – oxford tie, Velcro, or slip-on [Merrell Jungle Moc]. No loafers, boat shoes (Sperrys or otherwise), boots, moccasins/slippers, Hey Dude, or athletic styles are permitted.

For unusual circumstances, a note can be sent to the Principal requesting an exemption from the Dress Code for a short period of time.

Early FALL & SPRING Uniform

Usually during September through mid-October, mid-April, May, and June, students may wear a blue uniform golf shirt embroidered with the school name**. This replaces the tie, white shirt, and blazer. 

NOTE: ** Indicates items sold at St. Aloysius Academy school store – Wildcat Wonders

Most uniform items other than what is offered at the school store are sold through the Flynn O’Hara Uniform Company.  Click here for more information on how to order from Flynn O’Hara.

Students must be in complete uniform for physical education classes.  This includes:

  • **regulation St. Aloysius Academy navy shorts and St. Aloysius Academy navy sweatpants
  • **regulation St. Aloysius Academy school grey t-shirt
  • ** white or navy St. AA logo crew socks or plain white or navy crew socks
  • non-marking sneakers (tie or Velcro) K-1-2 students are encouraged to wear Velco or stretch lace sneakers
  • ** Each class has gym once a week. The boys in Grades K-3 also have karate and the students wear their gym uniform on their karate day.

NOTE:  Grade 6, 7 & 8 only – Wildcat sweatpants are mandatory; Grade 5 wears the regular St. AA sweatpants.

Grade 6, 7, & 8 also have the option of wearing SAA Spiritwear t-shirts on PE days instead of grey t-shirt.

To order online, Click Here

NOTE: ** Indicates items sold at St. Aloysius Academy school store – Wildcat Wonders

School Uniforms (K-8) from Flynn O’Hara 

Enclosed is a link for school uniforms from Flynn Ohara for Grades K-8. Please order in a timely fashion. Our School Store still has some Performance knit shirts, and ties. Contact Mrs. Labor ( to see if we have the size needed for your son.

2023-2024 School Uniform Information

Students’ haircuts are to be neat and clean – no excessive length (Limit: mid-neck line, shoulder length or longer is not acceptable); no bangs covering eyes. Hair should be styled away from the eyes. Hairstyles should not become a source of distraction to oneself or others. Fad hairstyles that are considered by the administration as excessive and hair dying or extreme color changes are not acceptable. Facial hair is not permitted.

Earrings, rings, necklaces, and fad jewelry are not permitted. A suitable wrist watch and a religious medal on a thin chain may be worn. In addition, no visible body piercings or tattoos are acceptable.

The Wildcat Wonders

The St. Aloysius Academy School Store, The Wildcat Wonders, carries St. Aloysius Academy spiritwear, memorabilia, and some Academy uniform items.


Tuesday mornings 8:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m., and a few evenings in late August.


The Wildcat Wonders is located along the Wildcat Walkway next to the Courtyard.

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