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Leadership Opportunities

At St. Aloysius Academy leadership is cultivated in every student. Opportunities inside and outside the classroom are intentionally provided so that each student learns the power of his influence. Our faculty and staff have a planned program of positively messaging students in the multitude paths of leadership.

Students in grades 5-8 participate in our Leadership Council. Each fall students have the opportunity to become a candidate for election. This includes composing and presenting a speech and crafting a campaign poster for the student body. The elected officers lead the school in many ways, including daily assemblies, leading prayer, creating student activities and leading service projects.

Service as a Way of Life

At St. Aloysius Academy students are not required to perform service hours; instead, service is promoted as a way of life! Throughout the school year, students are involved frequently in service projects that include preparing meals for the needy, making cards for residents of nursing homes, sewing pillow cases, and serving the homeless in the city of Philadelphia.



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